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May 21, 2014 by acpracht

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Main Fiction: “The Philip Sydney Game” by Alan DeNiro

This narration of “The Philip Sydney Game” was created by and appears courtesy of Audible. The complete Audible audiobook of “Tyrannia and Other Renditions” – in which this narration first appeared – may be downloaded from


Several years ago, I started writing a story about a man who was flying into Minneapolis-St. Paul and saw a car crash from above. The plane was about a thousand feet up and was descending when he saw the crash. It was late at night, a red-eye flight, so he could only see the headlights and tail-lights, and the faintest silhouettes of the cars. One car began to swerve and careened into the opposite lane, grazing the driver’s side of an oncoming car, which halted. The car that caused the accident stalled for a bit but then accelerated again and kept moving forward. While the hit car was motionless on the road, another car from behind slammed into the back of it, pushing it off the side over a small embankment that the passenger could barely discern. Then that car jerked backwards and kept driving as well.

The road this took place on was just an ordinary road connecting one suburb to another. There were a few buildings–warehouses, maybe–close to where the crash took place, which were unlit. And a pond in the back of one of them, weakly shimmering. This was what the passenger saw, terrified. The plane continued its landing procedure and made a swooping turn toward the airport, flying away from the scene.


Alan was born in Erie, Pa., in 1973, took 12 years of Catholic school, earned a B.A. in English from the College of Wooster, MFA in poetry writing from the University of Virginia. He is author of two poetry chapbooks: The Black Hare and Atari Ecologues. He also released a 165-page poem, The Stations, for free in the wilds of the Internet with a pretty loose creative commons license.

His first short story collection, Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead, came out from Small Beer Press in June 2006. In 2009, Ballantine/Spectra published his novel Total Oblivion, More or Less. His second story collection, Tyrannia, came out from Small Beer Press in October 2013. In addition to fiction he also writes poetry, reviews, essays, and interactive fiction.

Married to Kristin Livdahl, human being and writer extraordinaire. Saga of the Raiding Team is a story of hers. They have two beautiful twins, Alessandra and Tobias, and three cats and a dog.


Narrator: Jorjeana Marie

Jorjeana Marie is one of those rare talents that can somehow stretch from being raw, gripping and emotionally thrilling in one moment to delightfully fun, care-free and hilarious in the next.  With extensive experience in New York City and Regional theatre as well as professionally touring as a stand-up comedienne opening for Richard Lewis and Louis Anderson, this quirky actress has moved to roles in film, television and all areas of voice-over. Her work in animation, video games, commercials, promos and audiobooks has meant performing with and collaborating on projects with icons such as Eliot Gould, Jim Belushi, and Steven Spielberg.  From sweet seven year-old boys and snarky teenagers to wild animals and aliens from the planet Zabu, Jorjeana creates real, honest characters right alongside her girl next door and everywoman roles.

She has been the “voice of” many campaigns and even a network or two.  She is rapidly becoming known for her kids voices-particularly her boys and her creature voices and animal sounds.


  1. “Philip Sidney” is a tale that shows its author’s roots in interactive fiction. Which isn’t a bad thing – I liked seeing the structure of the story appear through the choices and artifacts.

  2. I loved this one. One of my favorites I’ve ever picked for the podcast. With all the layers, it reminded me strongly of works such as “If on a Winter’s Night, A Traveler…” by Italo Calvino.