StarShipSofa No 359 Dennis M. Lane

October 22, 2014 by acpracht

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Fact: Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H. Sturgis

Main fiction: “A Long ‘Til Spring” by Dennis M. Lane

(Narrated by the author)

It had been a long day of walking through the auburn jungle for Billy Bob and the other young ‘uns.


Dennis M. Lane is a South Africa based writer who has seen his work gaining more of an audience over 2013. His 2012 collection of stories and poems garnered two Rhysling nominations and a Dwarf Stars nomination. He had a short story published in Dark Beauty Magazine’s Annual Steampunk issue and had a flash fiction podcast on Tales To Terrify. His first novel, Talatu, reached the dizzying heights of number 4 in the Teen Science Fiction listings on the Kobo site; and his second novel, The King’s Jewel, came out in August. As his contribution to this year’s All Hallow’s Read, Dennis has signed an agreement with the Worldreader organisation to make all of his books freely available to more than half a million readers in the developing world.



  1. Thanks for playing my story. Just one point, a word obviously got dropped across emails, it is actually called “A Long Time ‘Til Spring” 🙂

  2. A nice post-apocalypse story, Dennis Lane.
    Personally, I enjoyed the transition from hearing stories you narrated to hearing one you both wrote and read aloud.