StarShipSofa No 368 Brent Knowles Andy Weir

December 31, 2014 by Jeremy Szal

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Interview: Andy Weir – The Martian

Fact: Science News by J J Campanella

Main Fiction: “Digital Rights” by Brent Knowles

The Assistant responsible for the primary thruster arrangement killed itself just ten days after Izzy arrived on the solar station. The panicked chatter of the other Assistants prevented them from continuing with their own duties. Horror, speculation, and worse of all, wonder, flowed across the station’s network.

Brent Knowles has been published in several magazines and anthologies including Perihelion, Abyss and Apex, Neo-Opsis, On Spec and Writers of the Future. A veteran of the videogame’s industry (where he spent ten years building hit role-playing games with BioWare) he now spends most of his time raising two young boys and writing. Online he can be found at


Narrated by: Nicola Seaton-Clark

Nicola lives in the wilds of (almost) Eastern Europe with her long-suffering husband, phenomenal children and a grumpy cat. Trained as an actress and singer, she has worked in entertainment for over 20 years and currently splits her time between hosting Far-Fetched Fables, writing speculative fiction, helping her husband run their voice-over company, Offstimme, and voicing everything from commercials and documentaries to public transport announcement.



  1. So glad you got Andy Weir on the show Tony, I just got done reading The Martian and loved it too. I picked it up at my local library a few weeks ago and got sucked right in, lost a lot of sleep over the next couple days reading that book!

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for the movie. There have been so many weak movies about Mars, I really want to see one good hard sci fi Mars movie that shows people we could survive there, even if just barely…

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