StarShipSofa 415 Anthony Cardno and Zoltan Istvan

December 16, 2015 by Jeremy Szal

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Interview: Zoltan Istvan – The First To The Singularity


Fact: Looking Back at Genre History by Amy H Sturgis

Main Fiction: “Chasing Satellites” by Anthony Cardno

Originally appeared in the anthology Beyond the Sun, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

Anthony R. Cardno’s first published work was a “hero history” of Marvel Comics’ The Invaders for the late, lamented Amazing Heroes. His short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Shroud, Galactic Games, A Thousand Words For War, Willard & Maple, Chelsea Station, Space Battles: Full Throttle Space Tales Volume 6,  Beyond The Sun, OOMPH: A Little Super Goes A Long Way, and Tales of the Shadowmen Volume 10. In 2014 he edited The Many Tortures of Anthony Cardno, in which 22 authors Tuckerized him, to raise money for the American Cancer Society. He is also the author of a children’s book, The Firflake: A Christmas Story. In addition to a full time job as a corporate trainer, Anthony is a proofreader for Lightspeed magazine, writes book reviews, and occasionally blogs on, where you can also find some of his other short stories. In what little other spare time he has, Anthony has been known to film cover song videos for YouTube. You can find him on Twitter @talekyn.

Narrated by Rikki LaCoste

With relevance to genre fiction audio, he has been a regular reader for Pseudopod over the years, and also narrates and voice acts for the No Sleep Podcast, Tales To Terrify, and in early 2015, produced, narrated, and wrote music for an episode of Cast of Wonders, on which he is now on staff as an audio producer. His thirteen year old daughter Isis LaCoste also has credits in Pseudopod, No Sleep and Cast of Wonders.

Listen to their work, from the links in the show notes, and feel free to contact Rikki for more narration and voice acting from either Rikki or Isis, or both, who are based out of Toronto Canada. Apart from the narration world, his other hats include being the creator and co-host of a quirky yet provocative podcast called Kakophonos Internet Radio – which is presently in cryogenic suspension – a link to memorable clips from the archives to which you can listen will be in the show notes.

Panthea is his collection of original musical compositions. He is also an environmental activist, having worked for Greenpeace Canada, the Communications Steward for Alfheim Valley Eco Resort. One of the goals of Rikki’s life is to figure out what kind of English accent Tony C Smith speaks with, which he tentatively guesses to be some exotic genre of Scottish, a type of Welsh, or an insane breed of Jamacan.


  1. Hey Tony! I will gladly accept that wiskey or dram sir! When next I’m in the UK perhaps I’ll look you up.

    As for the story, first of all, I was nursing a terrible cold when I set out to record the narration, but it turned out alright in the end.

    While preparing for the narration, doing a couple of read-throughs and trying to find the characters’ voices, I realized something about this story. Most of the tales I’ve narrated tend to lead you through a story from the narrator’s point of view. Chasing Satellites struck me as more of a dialogue and exploration between the characters. More of a screenplay than a narrative. It was very visual in my mind, almost like experiencing it on the big screen. So I was compelled to produce my narration as best I could in that manner. I hope some of it came through.

    Oh yeah, and as the voices of the characters began to solidify, there was one in particular that wouldn’t go away: Wu is totally George Takei.

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