StarShipSofa No 475 Laurie Tom

March 1, 2017 by Jeremy Szal

Kickstarter: Everyone Worlds Without Walls

Main Fiction: “The Wings The Lungs, The Engine The Heart” by Laurie Tom

Originally published in Galaxy’s Edge.

Laurie Tom has been entranced by science fiction and fantasy since childhood and has been writing nearly as long.  As a teenager she fell in love with All Quiet on the Western Front and other stories about the soldiers who lived through World War I.  Her work has appeared in venues such as Strange Horizons, Galaxy’s Edge, and the Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk.

Narrated by: Cian Mac Mahon 

Cian Mac Mahon is an Irish Software Engineer who in a past life was the world’s youngest professional podcaster, ran a radio station and very nearly ended up being a journalist. While he hopes to some day revive his show which podfaded many years ago, he now spends most of his free time playing about with cameras and cooking, as old microphones and sound-desks lurk in the shadows, right at the edge of eyesight.


  1. The RSS feed points to the ACast page, which has no download link. Can that be fixed?

  2. I fnally got around to this one. Wow!. Sort of a modern prometheous/steampunk/something new and different. I was also highly impressed with the depth and feel of the period knowlwdge which shines through as a real part of the story, not the usual skimmed and garbled factoids grafted on with mucilage. And to top it off, both the narrator and Richthofen are fleshed out characters. Then there is that ending, a bit foreshadowed but not by much and handled so well. What a great story.

  3. Not narrator, but our POV character.