StarShipSofa No 510 Dan Abnett

November 8, 2017 by Jeremy Szal

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Main Fiction: “The Frost Giant’s Data” by Dan Abnett

Originally published in Cosmic Powers

Dan Abnett is a seven-times New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning comic book writer. He has written over fifty novels, including the acclaimed Gaunt’s Ghosts series, the Eisenhorn Cycle, volumes of the million-selling Horus Heresy series, The Silent Stars Go By (Doctor Who), Rocket Raccoon and Groot: Steal the Galaxy. In comics, his 2008 run on Guardians of the Galaxy formed the inspiration for the blockbuster movies. A regular contributor to the UK’s long-running 2000AD, he is the creator of series including Brink, Grey Area, Lawless, Kingdom and the classic Sinister Dexter. He has also written extensively for the games industry, including Shadow of Mordor and Alien:Isolation.  His is currently the writer on Aquaman, The Titans and The Silencer for DC Comics. Dan lives and works in the UK. Follow him on Twitter @VincentAbnett

Narrated by: Roberto Suarez 

By day, Roberto Suarez works as a community college student advocate and recruiter. By night he geeks out on all things fantasy and science fiction, comic books and board games. He is the co-host and producer of A Pod of Casts: The Game of Thrones Podcast and the new Radio Westworld, a podcast dedicated to HBO’s latest science fiction series. You can find Roberto on the web at, or on Twitter as @PuertoGeekan.

Fact: Amy H Sturgis Looking Back At Genre History


  1. Love Abnett’s story! It’s got an old time, almost pulpy feel to it, with robots, vivid details, and a hero with a lot o’ balls! From there, he super charges it with modern intricacies and smarts until he’s not so much telling a story, as he’s taking his reader on his journey with him.

    Sometimes when I’m listening to stories, I might wiggle, or there’ll be some noise that makes me miss entire lines of the dialogue…that can’t happen with Suarez; oh no, no way, not with him.

    Because…Suarez has a staccato style of speaking that is so clear and easy to hear and listen to, I was able to catch every word. Even through my chubby, demanding cat was meowing for his breakfast, I could easily hear every word!

    Starship Sofa is my favorite podcast, of all the ones I listen to, I savor SSS stories like I do a highly caloric, multi-tiered, creamy/caramelo pastry. Ummm!

    Once delightfully bloated with the listening satisfaction of Tony’s story choice, Sturgis then lays out some genre history, so good, I’m already practicing how I’m going to re-use her perfectly outlined facts at up-coming family holiday events. Folks will think I’m a regular Sci Fi genius. I’ll throw in little Dick (Philip K.), and some Rod (Sterling) and I’ll even get Mom believing in the value of my life being spent adhered to earbuds.

    Thanks Tony so much! I’m already paying a fraction of what I receive from Starship Sofa by giving at the $2.00 a month level. Since I had a tiny wind-fall this month, and because I get so much joy and sustainable knowledge from You hard-working geniuses too, I’m going to give a 1 time $10.00s extra.

    Not only do I want the podcast to thrive, I want a Tony to be able to travel and do all the expensive stuff it takes to be interesting and engaging. I want Amy to know that I get it, she’s not just brilliant, she works hard distilling her knowledge and wisdom, so us mental underlings learn stuff.

    Another thing, I’m saving to take a class from Tony and the experts he’s gathered. I do a bit of voice over for LibriVox and I’m at a place where I need support to get to the next level. Sure, I can recite and record a poem, or a nursery rhyme, but to keep the continuity of sound for a whole story, when I have to take days of break between recordings is what I want to learn now.

    I want to participate in this process too. I want to be up to par, and I know it takes an investment. Why not invest in the folks who are doing what I love so much? I mean, fuck…it’s a no-brainer. Writing this, I realize, I could lose one of my favorite things in my whole life if I don’t step up. Starship Sofa really does have the best stories…for me anyway.

    I drank too much coffee today! I hope there’s a line or 2 in here that might be of use.

    • 10 pounds turns into $13.67. And it didn’t hurt a bit.
      This is Lisa again. The one who wrote all that unproofed stuff above. If there is anyone else who will send an extra 10 bucks to SSS, I will… I’m not sure it’s allowed, but if it is, I’ll make them a personalized gravitar.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words, Lisa! Your weekly tuning in is much appreciated, and we’re stoked you’re getting so much enjoyment out of our show. I’m the one who chooses the stories we play (well, me and my slush team), but it’s really the authors (and the narrators) who bring it to life, so credit goes to them. Keep listening – feedback is always appreciated. 🙂