What Is Happening To StarShipSofa in 2023

January 2, 2023 by Tony C. Smith
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Hey up,

Just wanted to wish you all have MASSIVE and amazing Happy New Year for 2023. It truly means a lot to know you are still out there and still listening to my little podcast that I started nearly 17 years ago. That makes me so proud just to type those words. And… the big thing… we are still going after all these years thanks to you.

So… not just a massive thank you but a Ultra Massive thank you.

But… I’m hellish selfish and I want StarShipSofa to keep going well into the future but I simply can’t do it without your help. This show has lasted all those years because you have all supported me and StarShipSofa…

… please please… help us with a donation to keep StarShipSofa’s engines running. At one time hit 500 Patreon supporters. We have dropped now to 305

There’s two ways to support:

One off donation… go here.

And… Monthly via Patreon… go here.

With the excellent Nick Mamatas as editor picking the stories and Will Stagl choosing the narrators StarShipSofa has a formidable team pushing out some truly amazing science Fiction. Long may it last… and it will with your help!

As ever,

Tony C Smith


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