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StarShipSofa No 686 Misha Burnett

Main Fiction: “The Irregular” by Misha Burnett. This story first appeared in Pulp Modern, Vol 2, Issue 8, January 2022. Misha Burnett has little formal education, but has been writing poetry and fiction for around forty years. During this time he has supported himself and his family with a variety of jobs, including locksmith, cab […]

StarShipSofa No 685 Karl El-Koura

StarShipSofa new editor: Nick Mamatas Main Fiction: “The Undertow Jackpot” by Karl El-Koura. This story first appeared in Issue 3 (August 2016) of Compelling Science Fiction. Karl El-koura is a writer from Canada. Narrated by: Will Stagl. Will Stagl lives in Tucson Arizona where he works as a creative professional by day and as a […]

StarShipSofa No 684 Nathan McCann

Main Fiction: “Cobalt Blue” by Nathan McCann. This Story is original to StarShipSofa. Nathan McCann lives in California.  His wife makes pottery in the garage and his dog sleeps on the floor a lot.  This is his first published story.  He can be found on Twitter at @NWMcCann. Narrated by: Anthony Babington. Anthony Babington is […]

StarShipSofa No 683 Paul Alex Gray

Main Fiction: “Full Metal Grandma” by Paul Alex Gray. This story first appeared in Mythaxis in September, 2021. Paul Alex Gray writes linear and interactive fiction starring sentient black holes, wayward sea monsters, curious AIs and more. His work has been published in Nature Futures, Andromeda Spaceways, PodCastle and others. Chat with him on Twitter @paulalexgray […]

StarShipSofa No 682 Aubrey Cloutier

Main Fiction: “The Ambient Coast” by Aubrey Cloutier. This story is original to StarShipSofa. Aubrey Cloutier is a writer from the Greater Boston area whose work has appeared in At Land, The Pirate Eye, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and who can be found at or on Twitter as @AubreyCreates. Narrated by: TF Ahmad. TF […]

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