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StarShipSofa No 243 Kate Wilhelm Part 2

Coming Up Fact: Hugo Reviews by Andy Thomaswick – Hominids 01:45 Serial: The Birdcage Part 2 of 2 by Kate Wilhelm 07:20 Promo: Red 58:00 First Chapters: vN by Madeline Ashby 01:00:00

StarShipSofa No 240 Jon Ingold

Coming Up Online Narrators Workshop 00:30 Logo Designs Short Fiction by Gregory Benford 03:20 Fact: Science News by J J Campanella 11:00 Main Fiction: Sleepers by Jon Ingold  32:00 First Chapters: Timeslingers 01:07:00 Narrators: Joe Sammarco

StarShipSofa No 239 Storm Constantine

Coming Up Fact: Cheapskates by Adam Pracht 01:00 Short Fiction: by Gregory Benford 22:30 Main Fiction: Rust Islands by Storm Constantine 32:30 First Chapters: One Hundred Years of Vicissitude by Andrez Bergen 01:45:00 Narrators: Amy H Sturgis, Brandie Tarvin Gregory Benford’s new anthology Anomalies Taking Science into Inspired Realms Immanion Press

StarShipSofa No 238 Hannu Rajaniemi

Coming Up Narrators Workshop mp3 promo 02:40 Future Plans: World Wide Domination Main Fiction: The Dragon and The Server by Hannu Rajaniemi 17:00 Promo: Beware The Hairy Mango Podcast 48:38 First Chapters: Mirror Maze Michaele Jordan 50:50

StarShipSofa No 237 Joe Haldeman

Coming Up Narrators Workshop Short Fiction: Worlds Like a Hundred Thousand Pearls by Aliette de Bodard 06:30 Fact: Theatre of The Mind by Paul Finch 15:00 Main Fiction: by Tricentennial by Joe Haldeman 22:20 First Chapter: Seeds of a New Birth by Brad Swift 01:04:00 Narrators: Peter Cavell, Cher Eaves Links to Theatre of The […]

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