Poetry Planet

StarShipSofa No 309 Will McIntosh

Coming Up Fact: Synthetic Voices by Jimmy Rogers 01:30 Main Fiction: “Possible Monsters” by Will McIntosh 16:00 Fact: Poetry Planet by Diane Severson 01:06:00  Narrator: Mike Boris

StarShipSofa No 303 Ian Sales Part 2

Coming up… Fact: Cheapskates by Adam Pracht 04:55 2012 BSFA Winner! Main Fiction: “Adrift on the Sea of Rains” Part 2 by Ian Sales 19:32 Fact: Poetry Planet No 10: Elgin and Dwarf Stars Awards Showcase by Diane Severson 01:16:59 Narrator: Logan Waterman

StarShipSofa No 269 Alec Nevala-Lee Part 1

Coming Up Fact: Gaming the Future with Simon Hildebrandt 02:20 Main Fiction: The Boneless One Part 1 by Alec Nevala-Lee 12:00 Interview: Gareth Powell 01:00:00 Fact: Poetry Planet by Diane Severson 01:20:00 Narrator: Josh Roseman

StarShipSofa No 256 Charlie Jane Anders

Coming Up Song: Abraham Lincoln Was an Invader From Space by Fred Himebaugh 03:15 Fact: Gaming the Future by Simon Hildebrandt 08:40 Promo: Walk the Fire Fact: Hugo Reviews by Andy Tomaswick 18:30 Main Fiction: Source Decay by Charlie Jane Anders 24:00 Fact: Poetry Planet by Diane Severson 53:10 Narrator: Logan Waterman Strange Horizons How […]

StarShipSofa No 255 Gregory Frost Benjamin Rosenbaum

Coming Up Short Story: Angry Child by Benjamin Rosenbaum 03:00 Main Fiction: The Seals of New R’lyeh by Gregory Frost 10:00 Promo: Cheapskates Host 40:00 Fact: Poetry Planet by Diane Severson 45:00 First Chapters: The Mechanikals, Book 1: The Apprentice by John Dodds Narrators: Bob Hoe, Gregory Frost Daily Science Fiction

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