TV Film Script Workshop

StarShipSofa No 185 Ken Scholes

Coming Up Vote for Larry Promo: Beware the Hairy Mango 02:17 Fact: Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H. Sturgis 03:30 Serial: Grail-Diving in Shangrilla with the World’s Last Mime Part 2 by Ken Scholes 18:10 Fact: Everything by Morgan Seletta 53:20 How to Run A Con by Michael Swanwick 01:14:00 Narrators: Josh Roseman   […]

StarShipSofa No 183 Will McIntosh

Coming Up Fact: Tau Ceti Radio by David Bradshaw 03:09 Promo: Earth Girl by Fred Himbaugh 29:30 Short Story: Atom Drive by Charles Fontenay 33:25 Interview: Marc Zicree 01:12:35 Fact: TV/Film Workshop: 01:51:48 Main Fiction: Linkworlds by Will McIntosh 01:52:00 How To Run A Con: by Michael Swanwick 02:43:55 Narrators: Jim Philips, Dan Rabarts […]

StarShipSofa (Special) TV Film Script Video Workshop Intro