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StarShipSofa No 526 T. R. Napper

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Main Fiction: “A Strange Loop” by T. R. Napper

Originally published in Interzone

T. R. Napper’s short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, Interzone, Lontar: a Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction, and numerous others. His work has been translated into Hebrew, German, and French. A Strange Loop was included in Neil Clarke’s Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 2 (2017). By profession T. R. Napper is an aid worker, recently returned to Australia after three years in Vietnam. He is currently writing a PhD on the speculative fiction of East and Southeast Asia. He does not own a cat.

Narrated by: Eric Luke

Eric Luke is the screenwriter of the Joe Dante film EXPLORERS, which is currently in development as a remake, the comic books GHOST and WONDER WOMAN, and wrote and directed the NOT QUITE HUMAN films for Disney TV. His current project INTERFERENCE, a meta horror audiobook about an audiobook… that kills, is available free on iTunes and at

Fact: Science News by J J Campanella

StarShipSofa No 466 Richard Johnson

Main Fiction: “Taking the High Road” by Richard Johnson

Originally published at

Richard Johnson is an award-winning writer of science fiction having won the Gold Award at the Writers of the Future Competition in 2011 and the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest in 2012. He has previously appeared on Starship Sofa with his flash fiction A Friend in Need (and you’ve also accepted my Writers of the Future winging story although that hasn’t appeared yet).

His day job as a structural engineer has taken him all over the world from the UK and Dublin to Singapore and Hong Kong.  He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and two young sons.

He blogs at and his previously published short stories can be found at all ebook retailers.

Fact: Science News by J J Campanella

Narrated by: Stephanie Morrris

Stephanie is a professional student, a librarian-in-training, a voracious biblio- and audiophile, and an occasional writer of short stories. She has narrated fiction for Pseudopod, Podcastle, and Cast of Wonders.