StarShipSofa No 511 Elizabeth Bear

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Main Fiction: “This Chance Planet” by Elizabeth Bear

Originally published on

Elizabeth Bear was born on the same day as Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, but in a different year. She is the Hugo, Sturgeon, Locus, and Campbell Award winning author of 30 novels (The most recent is THE STONE IN THE SKULL, an epic fantasy from Tor) and over a hundred short stories. She lives in Massachusetts with her partner, writer Scott Lynch.

Narrated by: Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy is an actor/voice-over artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She loves the world of audio fiction and is excited to be part of StarShipSofa. She can be heard voicing the role of Dashi on Disney Junior’s Octonauts, and voicing multiple characters for PBS Kid’s Past/Present, Leap Frog, & Muzzy. She can also be heard on Fireside Mystery Theatre’s audio drama podcast, Midnight Shorts Program, and narrating the audiobook Love and Smoke. Other credits include Boardwalk Empire, Man With A Gun, DNA, I Hope You Live Forever, Clutter, and Room 333. Recently she appeared in the play Near Nellie Bly for the Workshop Theater Series, and will be performing a series of Norwin Corwin & O Henry adaptations with QuickSilver. You can often find her roaming the streets of Brooklyn with her 13-pound Dachshund Penny, Gotham’s real Dark Knight.

Music: Blue Wednesday 

StarShipSofa 501 Robert Silverberg

Main Fiction: “Needle in a Timestack” by Robert Silverberg

Originally published in Asimov’s

Robert Silverberg has been a professional writer since 1955, and is widely known for his science fiction and fantasy stories. He is the winner of four Hugo, six Nebula awards, and three Locus awards. He was named to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 1999, and was designated as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America in 2004. His books and stories have been translated into forty languages. Among his best-known titles are Nightwings, Dying Inside, The Book of Skulls, and the three volumes of the Majipoor Cycle: Lord Valentine’s Castle, Majipoor Chronicles, and Valentine Pontifex. He and his wife Karen and an assorted population of cats live in the San Francisco Bay Area, in a sprawling house surrounded by exotic plants. He can be found online at the Quasi-Official Robert Silverberg Web Site

Narrated by: Robert A. K. Gonyo

Robert A. K. Gonyo is a theatre director, actor, podcaster, sound designer, voiceover artist, musician, and tour-guide residing in Queens, New York. He is the producer of Go See a Show!, New York City’s independent theatre podcast (, as well as the producer of Apparitions, a podcast of new radio horror plays (

Fact: Science News by J J Campanella

StarShipSofa No 499 Joe Haldeman

Main Fiction: “None So Blind” by Joe Haldeman

Originally published in Asimov’s Science Fiction

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Joe Haldeman has garnered both the Nebula Award and the Hugo Award for his famous novel The Forever War, one of the landmark books of the ’70s. He has since won four more Hugo Awards, another four Nebula Awards, the James Tiptree, Jr. Award for his novel Camouflage, the SFWA Grandmaster Award, and has been inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. His other books include The Accidental Time-Machine, Marsbound, and Starbound. Haldeman lives part of the year in Boston, where he teaches writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the rest of the year in Florida, where he and his wife, Gay, make their home.

Narrated by: Cheyenne Wright

Cheyenne Wright is a freelance illustrator and concept artist. He is the color artist on the three-time Hugo Award winning steampunk graphic novel series Girl Genius, and co-creator of many other fine works; Including 50 Fathoms and the Ennie award winning Deadlands Noir for the Savage Worlds RPG. He has also produced graphics for Star Trek Online, the Champions MMO, and t-shirt designs for T.V.’s Alton Brown. Cheyenne lives in Seattle with his wife, their daughter, and an ever growing stack of unpainted miniatures. In his spare time he is teaching himself animation, and narrates short stories for a variety of audio anthologies where he is known as Podcasting’s Mr. Buttery ManVoice™

StarShipSofa No 490 Kameron Hurley

Main Fiction: “Enyo-enyo” by Kameron Hurley

Originally published in Lightspeed Magazine

Kameron Hurley is the author of The Stars are Legion and the essay collection The Geek Feminist Revolution, as well as the award-winning God’s War Trilogy and The Worldbreaker Saga. Hurley has won the Hugo Award, Kitschy Award, and Sydney J. Bounds Award for Best Newcomer. She was also a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the Nebula Award, and the Gemmell Morningstar Award. Her short fiction has appeared in Popular Science MagazineLightspeed Magazine, and many anthologies. Hurley has also written for The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly, The Village Voice, Bitch Magazine, and Locus Magazine. She posts regularly at

Narrated by: Chloe Yates

As well as narrating, Chloë Yates writes odd tales. She has written many short stories and some poetry for the British Fantasy Award winning independent press Fox Spirit Books, and is currently working on bigger things for them. English born, she currently lives in the middle of Switzerland with her bearded paramour, Mr Y, and their disapproving dog, Miss Maudie. You can find her online and on Twitter.

Fact: Fiction Crawler No 17 by Matthew Sanborn Smith

Three Voices by Lisa Bolekaja

The New Mother by Eugene Fischer

Deathlight by Mari Ness

Chopin’s Eyes by Lara Elena Donnelly

Ledge by Austin Bunn

The Sad Tale of the Sconce by Camilla Grudova