Are We The Seed of All Life To Come

October 7, 2013 by Tony C. Smith

Truly…. are we alone in this universe?

There’s not one fact or slightest bit of evidence to say yes – there’s life out there. I’m not counting little old ladies living in middle England spotting strange objects in the sky after a sherry or two after their bridge night. And lets not forget Seti. If there was EVER going to be one body that actually could turn up and prove there is life out there – it would of been Seti. But no…. not a blip or squeak. Are we really the only ones in this vast playground.

Yes… if we do the math… then the laws of average say – hell, yes… life is out there.

So, if there is nothing… are we the seeds? Are we the creatures that expand and expand and populate the worlds. Are we the very first seeds of life in the universe?


  1. Its an interesting thought and one SF has used many times. Personally I suspect that the huge expanse of Space is teaming with life, its just so far away. In reality we’ve only explored a tiny corner, probably not yet venturing beyond our own backyard in any real sense. Even the discovery of exo-planets is a relatively new thing.

    Leaving the Tau-Ceti? signal aside, Seti have recently suggested that data they’ve previously processed may have missed signs of life because the computing power available wasn’t advanced enough to examine the data as closely as they would have liked – Still sounds a long shot to me!

    There is also a theory about at the moment that the seeds of life as we know it actually started on Mars and was brought to Earth via a meteorite.

    PS It’s really nice seeing the blog active again 🙂

  2. Thanks Neil…