We’ve lost a Sofanaut – RIP Larry Santoro

July 26, 2014 by Tony C. Smith

I’ve woke up this morning and my world has just fell away. 

My friend Lawrence Santoro has died. I thought of Larry as my brother. I will miss him so very very much. Tycelia my thoughts and prayers surround you and give you comfort at this time. 

Will miss you Larry – your friend Tony


  1. I knew little of Larry beyond his voice – but what a voice. He will be missed.
    Thanks Larry, my thoughts are with your family and friends.

    Perhaps its my time of life, but way too many people who are part of my life, but know only through their work, be they writers, comedians, or actors, are being taken from us.

  2. Gutted. I looked forward to TTT every Friday night. Since moving to the UAE a few years back I’ve been an avid podcast listener; the whole District of Wonders keeps me going but Larry’s podcast was the first one i subscribed to. He introduced me to new writers and narrators and I loved his voice and the effort he put into his storytelling. I am proud to be one of the children of the night. Thank you Mr Santoro.

  3. Never met him but felt like I knew him, for his voice – his voice felt like home.
    The sofa has some great narrators, but he was the best.
    I will really miss that voice.
    Tony, Tycelia, my heart goes out to you.
    I whish there was more I could do…

  4. I’m so sad to hear this. I’ve enjoyed Tales to Terrify with Larry at the helm since it’s inception. It won’t be the same without him. Journey on Larry.

  5. Awful…it’s so strange; I’m on episode 162 and playing catch up. Larry is speaking from the hospital and talking to Tony via Skype. It’s crushing as I wanted to see how Larry was doing and then to find out he’s gone.
    I’m sorry.
    Rest well Larry.

  6. Only just found out. I will miss that beautiful voice He will live on in all those wonderful recordings. Tahnks, Larry.

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