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StarShipSofa Round Up Peter Clines, Boba Fett, Money Heist etc

Join me… Tony C Smith for a StarShipSofa Round Up on Peter Clines, Boba Fett, Money Heist etc

StarShipSofa The Metaverse Pt 2

Join me once agin as I tell you just how long it will be before we enter the Metaverse for real.

StarShipSofa The Metaverse

Welcome to a ramble about the hottest topic of the day – The Metaverse. Join me as I ramble on about Ready Player One, Rainbow’s End, Her, Minority Report and a whole lot more

A Message From The Captain

So… here is my plea to try and boost funds for StarShipSofa. Over the years monthly donatins have been dwindling away and now is the time where if you like StarShipSofa and want to se her keep travelling further into deep space with her thrilling science fiction stories now is the time to join Patreon […]

StarShipEchoes 2007 StarShipSofa Originals Harlan Ellison

Support us on Patreon. This week we glimpse an echo way from the past as we listen to two young fellas talk all about Harlan Ellison. So long ago… hope you enjoy!

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