Steven Popkes

StarShipSofa No 442 Erica L. Satifka and Mark Mann

Interview: Mark Mann – Hassan and the Beam

Main Fiction: “Signs Following” by Erica L. Satifka

Originally published in Ideomancer

Erica L. Satifka’s fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Shimmer, and various other places. Her debut novel Stay Crazy will be released by Apex Publications in August 2016. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her spouse Rob and three needy cats. Visit her online at or on Twitter @ericasatifka.

Narrated by: Robert A. K. Gonyo

Robert A. K. Gonyo is a theatre director, actor, sound designer, voiceover artist, and musician residing in Queens. He is a Founder & Director of Co-Op Theatre East (, and the producer of Go See a Show!, New York City’s independent theatre podcast (

StarShipSofa No 281 Steven Popkes Part 2

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Fact: Fiction Crawler 13 by Matt Sanborn Smith 01:29

Main Fiction: Jackie’s Boy Part 2 by Steven Popkes 11:00

Narrator: Jeff Lewis

Links for Fiction Crawler 13:

Fruit Jar Drinkin’, Cheatin’ Heart Blues by Patty Templeton

The Frost Giant’s Daughter (a.k.a. Gods of the North) by Robert E. Howard

StarShipSofa No 280 Steven Popkes Part 1

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Fact:FilmTalk by Dennis Lane 04:00

Main Fiction: Jackie’s Boy Part 1 by Steven Popkes 11:40

Narrator: Jeff Lewis