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StarShipSofa No 442 Erica L. Satifka and Mark Mann

Interview: Mark Mann – Hassan and the Beam

Main Fiction: “Signs Following” by Erica L. Satifka

Originally published in Ideomancer

Erica L. Satifka’s fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Shimmer, and various other places. Her debut novel Stay Crazy will be released by Apex Publications in August 2016. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her spouse Rob and three needy cats. Visit her online at or on Twitter @ericasatifka.

Narrated by: Robert A. K. Gonyo

Robert A. K. Gonyo is a theatre director, actor, sound designer, voiceover artist, and musician residing in Queens. He is a Founder & Director of Co-Op Theatre East (, and the producer of Go See a Show!, New York City’s independent theatre podcast (

StarShipSofa No 441 William Ledbetter

Fact: Science News by J J Campanella

Main Fiction: “The Rings of Mars” by William Ledbetter

Originally published in Writers of the Future Volume 28.

William Ledbetter is a writer with more than forty speculative fiction stories and non-fiction articles published in markets such as Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jim Baen’s Universe, Writers of the Future, Escape Pod, Ad Astra and He’s been a space and technology geek since childhood and spent most of his non-writing career in the aerospace and defense industry. He administers the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award contest for Baen Books and the National Space Society, is a member of SFWA, the National Space Society of North Texas, a Launch Pad Astronomy workshop graduate, is the Science Track coordinator for the Fencon convention and is a consulting editor at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. He lives near Dallas with his family and too many animals.

Narrated by: J.S. Arquin

J.S. Arquin is an actor, writer, musician and pessimistic optimist.  He lives in Portland, Oregon and spends a large portion of his time producing The Overcast, a speculative fiction podcast featuring breathtaking stories from the Pacific Northwest and Beyond. Find it at:




StarShipSofa No 439 Jeffrey A. Ballard


Twitter: @brookeborel

Infested website:

Main Fiction: “Underwater Restoration” by Jeffrey A. Ballard

Originally published in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalatic Medicine Show

Jeffrey A. Ballard is a nomadic Yankee that currently lives in the Texas Hill Country. A long time   fascination with the ocean lead him into academia, where he happily spends his days playing scientist   and spends his nights and early mornings writing about the science he wished existed. His science fiction  has appeared in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, Plasma Frequency, and Fiction River: Time Streams to date. The first full-length Underwater Restorations novel for Isa and the gang debuts October 2016, you can learn more and connect with Jeffrey at

Narrated by: Setsu Uzumé

Setsu spent her formative years in and out of dojos. She also trained in a monastery in rural China,  studying Daoism and swordplay. She is a member of Codex and SFWA. While she has dabbled in many  arts, only writing and martial arts seem to have stuck. Find her on Twitter @KatanaPen